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Date: 1st March 2018
Arbutin is a naturally occuring derivative of hydroquinone found in the leaves of cranberry, bearberry, and blueberry shrubs, most types of pears, and many other plants. Arbutin may inhibit melanogenesis by affecting tyrosinase activity. Arbutin has been used in the treatment of disorders of hyperpigmentation such as postinflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne, trauma, allergic reactions, infections, injuries, phototoxic reactions, reactions to medications, reactions to cosmetics, and inflammatory diseases. Arbutin concentration protocols for skin whitening have not yet been established. Low concentrations have no effect, while high concentrations of about 5% or more can be as irritating as hydroquinone and may potentially result in unexpected hyperpigmentation (darkening). Shiseido patented the use of Arbutin in skin-whitening cosmetics. Some companies bypass the patents by using Arbutin-containing plant extracts such as bearberry. There is inadequate research data showing that Arbutin extracted from plants has any skin whitening effects Arbutin is the active substance originated from natural plant which can whiten and lighten skin. It can infiltrate into the skin quickly without affecting the concentration of cell multiplication and effectively prevent activity of tyrosinase in the skin and the forming of melanin. By combined arbutin with tyrosinase, decomposition and drainage of melanin are accelerated, splash and fleck can be got ride of and no side effects are caused. It is one of the safest and most efficient whitening materials that are popular at present. Function? 1.Arbutin can effectively inhibit the production and deposition of melanin, eliminate spots and freckles. 2.Arbutin on normal cells will not produce toxic, arbutin also has soothing and bactericidal effect, can make the skin maintain a beautiful luster. 3. Widely used in cosmetics is conducive to the realization of whitening, freckle, moisturizing, soft, wrinkle-removing, anti-inflammatory effect; 4.Burns medicine raw materials:Arbutin is the main component of the new burn burn medicine,characterized by rapid analgesic, strong anti-inflammatory, rapid elimination of redness, healing, leaving no scars. 5. intestinal anti-inflammatory drug materials: sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, non-toxic side effects.