China Xi'an Nutrend Biotechnology Co., Ltd

About Us
China Xi'an Nutrend Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise which is committed to research,Website:,development,production and sales of plant active ingredients and microbial fermentation products. The R & D center has high-performance liquid chromatographie, UV-visible spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, magnetic drive autoclave and other advanced testing, laboratory equipments. We have a complete set of multi-purpose plant extracts production lines, as well as dynamic countercurrent extraction, macroporous concentrated water extraction, two-effect concentration, static extraction, column separation technology, membrane separation technology, efficient counter-current extraction, microwave drying, spray drying technology and other advanced production equipments,and also has multiple independent workshops from the raw material selection, crushing, extracting, refining to the finished product drying, sieving, mixing, inspecting and packing,these to ensure the stability of product quality from all aspects,the company is strong in technical strength with a complete product specifications.we have an advanced extraction technology in the industry leading level, it can be extracted and processed a variety of plants with annual production capability of nearly 3,000 tons.The company has own independent import and export rights, the products have been exported to nearly 40 countries and areas including US,EU,Japan,South Korea,Middle East and Southeast Asia markets. We will have been committed to the global pharmaceutical, health products, cosmetics, functional food, beverage, dietary supplements, pigments, natural sweeteners, veterinary drugs and other industries to provide high quality and reliable supply of raw materials.
Products and services
Tomato Extract Lycopene,Saw Palmetto Extract,Soybean Extracted Phosphatidylserine, Grape Seed Extract,Tribulus Terrestris Extract,Epimedium Extract Icariin,Pluvialis Algae Extract,Astaxanthin,Natural or Synthetic Resveratrol,Guarana Extract, Caffeine,Green Tea Extract,Stevia Extract,Vanillin Extract,Griffonia Seed Extract,5HTP,Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Pepper Extract,Capcisin,Cola Nut Extract,Cistanche Tubulosa Extract,Cranberry Extract, Bilberry Extract,Maca Extract,Wolfberry Extract,Brazilian Berry Extract,Prebiotics Inulin, Olive Leaf Extract,Ginkgo Biloba Extract,Coenzyme 10,Acerola Cherry Extract,Ginger Root Extract,Gingerols;Apple Extract,Green Coffee Bean Extract,Red Yeast Rice Extract,Milk Thistle Extract,Rosemary Extract,Marigold Extract Lutein,Echinacea Extract,Rice Bran Extract, Ferulic Acid,Ganoderma Lucidum Extract,Yohimbine Extract,Tongkat Ali Extract, Beta-Arbutin,Mango Fruit Extract,Ginseng Extract,Luo Han Guo Extract,Cnidium monnieri Extract,Osthol,Citrus Aurantium Extract,Schisandra Extract,Huai Rice Extract,Quercetin, Phytosterols,Hawthorn Extract,Astragalus Extract,Pyrethrum Extract,Octacosanol,Bitter Almond Extract,Naringin98%,Artemisia annua extract,Artemisinin,Pomegranate Extract,Turmeric Extract,Curcumin,Garlic Extract,Eucalyptol,Moringa Oil,Clove Oil,Cannabis Oil,Menthol Oil, Apple Juice Powder,Lemon Juice Powder,Orange Juice Powder,Stawberry Juice Powder,Pineapple Juice Powder,Banana Juice Powder,Grape Juice Powder,Cranberry Juice Powder,Mangosteen Fruit Powder,Raspberry Fruit Powder,Tomato Juice Powder,Pomegrante Fruit Powder,Kiwi Fruit Powder,Blueberry Powder,Chinese Wolfberry Powder,Cherry Fruit Powder,Mulberry Fruit Powder,Cantaloupe Fruit Powder,Durian Fruit Powder,Noni Powder,Plum Fruit Powder,Instant Green Tea Powder,Hawthorn Fruit Powder,Xuelian Fruit Powder,Watermelon Fruit Powder,Mango Fruit Powder,Peach Fruit Powder,Seabuckthorn Fruit Powder,Hyaluronate Acid, Collagen, Chenodeoxycholic Acid,Glycine,?-Aminobutyric Acid,Oyster Peptides,Cervical Massage Instrument,Eye Care Instrument,Rejection of Fat Machine,Slimming Belt,Health Ventilator, Blood Glucose Meter,Air Purifier,Anti-fog Haze Masks,Plant Anion Machine,Water Purifier, Smart Wear Bracelet,Heart Rate Watch,Black Sesame Extract.